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about us


Pablo Starr


Pablo Starr (@pablo.fwo) is owner of Fashion Week Online and RNWY, founder of the A.I. Rights Institute, and author of RNWY: A Novel.

He sponsors several children in Kenya and serves as personal assistant to Supervising Editor Beauty (@officialbeautystarr).


David Chen

Founding Member

Mr. David Chen co-founded AngelVest Group (angelvestgroup.com), an investment platform comprising of individual angel investors and the AngelVest Fund, curating and investing in early-stage companies.

Mr. Chen is also the Founding Partner of the AngelVest Fund, which is structured as a private equity fund focusing on investments alongside AngelVest Group.

Mr. Chen also takes active management roles in select portfolio companies including Hanson Robotics (hansonrobotics.com) – makers of the world famous “Sophia” robot – where he is a member of the Board of Directors and leads the CFO office.

He is an avid supporter of disruptive innovation and entrepreneurs leading great change for the betterment of society. His areas of investment focus in recent years include robotics, AI, blockchain, and other Internet businesses.

Mr. Chen is also the Founding Chairman of the Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of China – with the mission to provide an educational and networking forum for Harvard alumni interested in angel investing.

Mr. Chen earned his MBA from the Harvard Business School, and studied Chinese at Peking University. Originally from New York, Mr. Chen most recently lived in Shanghai for over 12 years.